Demented Demon
Demented baby, demons haunting; Homos, lesbos, flagrant flaunting; Artless world with artless art; Heartless life with heartless heart; Once at the helm of government; Now incoherent incontinent; Jesse how the tides have turned; Your Mapplethorpe has just returned -- April 4, 2006
Mein London
A disciplinary panel took the highly unusual step of suspending the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, for four weeks to punish him for comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard. -- February 24, 2006
The Superiors
Crackpot, crap-shot, Dirty Dick, the plastic-hearted, demented Vice President of the United States shot his friend in the neck, face and chest, causing him to be hospitalized where he suffered a heart attack. Could it be the Veep was jealous that his 78 year old friend had a better heart (even for a corrupt funeral home owner and crony) or did the Veep think he was shooting Scooter Libby, who earlier in the week suggested the Dick had authorized him to leak classified information? -- February 13, 2006
Who's Your Shepherd?
Calling for the beheading of an artist for creating a caricature depicting a religion as violent is about as hypocritical as assaulting or killing a woman for appearing in a degrading beauty contest. Or like amputating Ann Coulterís legs for her immodest vagina flashing on Fox News. Or castrating and sodomizing men who rape. -- February 4, 2006
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