Best in Show
Michael Dickinson teaches English in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also a fantastic collage artist -- one who uses the tried and true method of paper, glue and scissors – and also happens to be a contributor to Mr. Dickinson is facing a 1 to 3 year prison sentence for daring to depict Prime Minister Erdogan as a dog in his collage titled, “Best of Show”.
Ann Coulter's latest book, Godless, was launched with a PR campaign that targeted the widows of 911. Was Ann a victim of too much testosterone as a baby? Are her vitriolic rants genuine or is she simply another media whore playing to her audience? Does she really have a vagina? -- June 10, 2006
Karl Rove
Karl rove, the pseudo-religious architect of Bush’s destructive agenda – the living embodiment of why abortion should remain a viable option (if not a requirement in certain circumstances) – told nervous Republicans at a fundraiser in Pensacola Florida, facing an election this year, that the illegal wiretapping of American citizens shouldn’t worry them. “How ridiculous in a time of war is it to have concern about Osama bin Laden's civil liberties over the security interests of the United States of America?” -- April 16, 2006
Presidential Leak
That President Bush authorized an aide to disclose classified intelligence on Iraqi weapons, outing a CIA operative in the process, and smirkingly telling journalists that although he wouldn't tolerate leaking, finding the culprit would be tough, proves that the man is not simply a cheat and a liar, but a traitor. -- April 8, 2006
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