Like Apple Fucking Pie
Top Secret Reports, Enraged Retorts; Cover up sessions and last resorts; Deranged cohorts, Dictator Sports, Our Mighty Moral Exports; Occupational hazards, Hazardous occupations, Over simple generalizations, Under General Consternation: CIA disarray, Military led astray, Not much left to say, Though we wave the flag anyway. The revulsion we decry, Like the truth we deny, About the apples of our eyes, As we grapple with the lies. It’s not just the few forgotten, The entire pie is rotten. -- June 5, 2004
Just Say Go
"As I've said many times, drug abuse knows no boundaries. It crosses all lines - geographical, racial, political, economic. There is no one here today whose country isn't affected by the inevitable sorrow and tragedy drug abuse causes. Not only can it tear down an entire nation, it also brings danger into the lives of our most precious resource our children. It is up to our generation to protect them and provide for them a drug-free world in which to live. We must act now, not tomorrow, or the next day." Nancy Reagan promoting her 'Just Say No' campaign. Not a word about AIDs though. Not for seven years.
During his tenure, thousands of people died from AIDS. The Great Communicator, it seems was unable to utter the word for years. Activists coined the phrase, "Silence = Death," and President Reagan was the poster child. Hospitals filled, people suffered, families were ripped apart. Chicken Shit at the White House, lost in a haze of Alzheimer’s and senility (and an unhealthy dose of wife Nancy’s astrological mysticism), was just lucid enough to oversee the Iran Contra scandal that plagued his legacy. -- June 7, 2004
Immaculate Misconception
During Ronald Reagan's tenure, tens of thousands of Americans died of AIDS. Many more became infected. Hospitals in metropolitan centers were full of people suffering and dying from complications from AIDS. For years, activists begged, pleaded, lobbied and marched in the streets to get the attention of the "Great Communicator," who remained silent. Fresh from hell, he pens a letter to John Paull II, in peparation for his arrival. -- June 6, 2004
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