From Jack Abramoff to Martha-Ann Alito to Randy "Duke" Cunningham, it seems that the new Republican strategy is to cry. Congressman Randy Cunningham, the supposed macho, military propenent of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," chose to "Tell and Cry." And Martha-Ann Alito's tears at her husband's confirmation hearings will reverberate in American justice for years to come. -- January 16, 2006
Annoy Alert
Authored by Senator Arlen Spector, congress passed a new law, insidiously buried in the Violence Against Woman and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act, Sec. 113, that makes one guilty of a crime if one were simply to "utilize" a telecommunications device "with intent to annoy" a person. Regardless of the content, or even in its absence. A conduct rather than a content crime. Perhaps waving a Blackberry in someone's face. Or annoying someone by using their cell phone as a vibrator. -- Janaury 9, 2006
Rootkits and Bootkicks
Secret installations, false and misleading assurances, lack of appreciation of the consequences? What else does the CIA and Sony BMG have in common? Sony has been stealthily installing hidden software on PCs while the CIA has been stealthily setting up secret installations to interrogate detainees without oversight or within established acceptable treatment. The CIA's "black sites" and Sony's XCP rootkits should inspire trust in both government and the private sector. -- November 16, 2005
The Resurrection of Rosa
So, finally, did New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, speak about her role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, convincing herself that the First Amendment martyrdom that surrounds her plight (and the positioning of her in this role by The New York Times) remains her angle, even though she essentially violated the principle she claims to have upheld. With the death of Rosa Parks, America needs a new martyr, and who better than Judith Miller?
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