Journalism Horrific
Not since Bush's first cousin, working at Rupert Murdoch's Fox news cable network, called the Florida election for Bush, (igniting a change that disenfranchised thousands of voters and ensured a war mongering moron took office), has journalism been so blatantly caught out. The unfortunate survivors of anthrax at Murdoch's New York Post are at it again, calling Gephardt the VP choice for Kerry on their front page, instantly recalled online. -- July 6, 2004
Occupational Sovereignty
There was no "Mission Accomplished" banner nor President flying in Air Force drag this time. When the United States, represented by the Bush Administration handed Iraq back to a hand-picked interim government they decided better suited its current agenda, along with a set of rules and restrictions that appear to confuse sovereignty with servitude, the true colors of the doctrine of preemptive force were revealed. -- July 2, 2004.
Better Be The Last
Time to leave the House behind, to offer sad goodbyes, Time to drown in wine you swine, to pretzel choke on lies. Who betrayed the betrayer, you ask, who lied to the liar? Judas is the one to whom theses thieving whores aspire. The treachery that knows no bounds, the sycophantic glut, The pigs that gorge on trampled trust, the arrogance they strut. -- June 24, 2004
Destructive Disengagement
While Reaganís hateful and ignorant policies (or lack thereof) on AIDS were responsible for the deaths of so many, his atrocious support of the Apartheid regime in South Africa makes the blood on his hands, and those ignoring his horrific legacy, thicker and filthier. Mister Murdoch, jump off that fucking wall. If there is a God, rest assured, Reaganís heterofascist racist city on the hill is not shining. Itís flaming. -- June 9, 2004
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