Big Sister
This bill will strengthen our counter-terrorism efforts by connecting law enforcement together with a centralized 'lookout' database, upgrade technologies used to prevent fraud and illegal entry, and impose new restrictions on student visas to prevent misuse of the program by those who would do this nation harm -- Senator Dianne Feinstein, California
Uncivil War
Terminally ill Oregonians rushed to acquire lethal drugs upon learning of a move November 2001 by Attorney General John D. Ashcroft to block Oregon's four-year-old assisted suicide law by punishing Oregon doctors who help patients end their lives.
Keep Out
Despite European and U.S. intervention, Israel said Monday, December 24, 2001, it would not let Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat attend Christmas Mass in Bethlehem unless he arrests the assassins of an Israeli Cabinet minister.
Improper Gander
Ever-threatening, ever-amateurish White House flak, Ari Fleischer. Among the Americans who need watch what they say probably are included political operatives whose first reaction to one of the most terrible days in the nation's history is to concoct barefaced prevarications and then, when they're found out, concoct excuses as lame as their lies were brazen. .
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