While the man-made, Neocon tsunami that killed perhaps as many in Iraq has been relegated from the headlines, the violence and mayhem continues unabated. After George W. Bush finally bothered to disrupt his Crawford vacation to respond to the tsunami -- only following global criticism for his stunning silence and the paltry sum initially offered as aid -- he sent his brother Jeb Bush and Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to the region to witness the devastation first hand. Stingy? Not America. Look how much she's spending on "liberation". -- Janauary 4, 2005
Sacrofficial Lamb
Poor Old Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is under attack after his callous remark to a Guardsman in Kuwait wondering why their Humvees had no armor, and after it was revealed that those pesky letters to families of the dead were being signed by, Goodness, a signing machine! -- December 20, 2004
Mandated Morality
In the short amount of time that President Bush has claimed a "mandate" to impose his will on Americans and the rest of the world, the Administration and Republican leadership have purged "wayward" agents at the CIA, snuck anti-abortion legislation into a spending bill and lowered the ethical bar on House leader Tom DeLay so that he can lead even if indicted. Expect Scott Petersen to be appointed head of Child Services once he is sentenced to death in California. -- November 2004
Popsicle Pathology
So what of his noble ode to women from Maria Shriver, the feminist pioneer who looks like she shunned vacuuming for liposuction? This brazen, board-splitting urgency to salute the achievements of women in California. Not Ida Jackson or Mary Ellen Pleasant, "Mother of Civil Rights." Not author and journalist Delilah Beasley or other remarkable women. Nope. Barbie dolls, the Olsen twins and of course the dress she wore to Arnold's inauguration.
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