What Reputation?
"I've huge respect for Nelson Mandela. But I don't feel that I'm doing the wrong thing and I may not be doing the easy thing but I do believe I'm doing the right thing," Britain's Prime Minister told the BBC in a February 26, 2003 interview. As he gets fucked over by George W and loses the little respect he has left among his people, a certain Queen remains Mum.
Be Ready
The graphical representation of a man serenely pondering the dead fish and then calmly walking away, as if on high-potency Quaaludes, Rohypnol or the same anti-depressants that allow Laura Bush to smile, read to children upside down and not so much as flinch as the world explodes around her, is enough to reassure the most cynical that a chemical attack is no more dangerous than a partisan one.
Nothing to Fear
Homeland Defense honcho, Tom Ridge, suggested the use of duct tape and plastic to tape up doors and windows in the horrific event of a chemical or biological attack, although posits it's unnecessary to bother changing travel plans or cancelling events. We forget which color alert this advice pertains to, because we're color blind and our monitors are acting up again. The color blind and blind can simply go shopping regardless of the alert level.
Osama bin Hussein
Ignoring all the blatant Qaeda hooks to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan; ignoring the fact that Osama has never had any use for the drinking, smoking, womanizing, secular Saddam; ignoring the fact that Saddam has no proven record of sharing weapons with Al Qaeda, the Bushies have been hellbent on making the 9/11 connection -- Maureen Dowd, February 12, 2003.
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