Don't Feed Me, I'm Fat
Terri Schiavo suffered brain damage in 1990 when her heart stopped briefly from a chemical imbalance believed to have been brought on by an eating disorder. Court-appointed doctors say she is in a "persistent vegetative state" with no hope of recovery, and her husband Michael has fought to remove the tube, allowing her to die and not live in this condition, as she purportedly expressed to him. As a society that executes children and people who are retarded we have to ask. What would Terri want? -- March 24, 2005
The Eternal Challenge
President Bush said today that he would nominate Paul D. Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense and one of the chief architects of the invasion of Iraq two years ago, to become president of the World Bank. After appointing John R. Bolton as the new American ambassador to the United Nations, stand by for the appointment of Scott Peterson to oversee Laura Bush's new outeach to young males program. -- March 17, 2005
La Dolce Vita
When CNN chief news executive, Eason Jordan, allowed a bunch of hysterical bloggers to force his resignation after his comment at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland that the U.S. military was targeting journalists in Iraq, it was before they shot at Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, killing Nicola Calipari the military intelligence officer who had just negotiated her release as a hostage. Life is Sweet. -- March 6, 2005
Taking Heat
Not only had fake reporter, Jeff Gannon, been lobbing softies to the Prez and Scott McClellan but to Ari Fleischer before him. Who was getting soft and who was getting hard remains an open-ended question, and even though Gannon’s moonlighting has barely any relevance to his job as a journalist, to position himself a top after posing with his ass cheeks spread apart is an inexcusable falsehood. Ari Fleischer’s book “Taking Heat” simply corroborates that there’s always been only one top at the White House, and her name is Karen Hughes.
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