Hole Crawlers Society
"When the heat got on, you dug yourself a hole and you crawled in it." Mr. Bush said of deposed dictator, Saddam Hussein, upon his capture. Of course the hole through which White House spews shit, and the deeper hole in which the treasonous leakers languish remains as gaping as the hole in which Dick Cheney's energy task force is hiding. -- December 16, 2003
Mission Accomplished
The "Mission Accomplished" boast has been mocked many times since Bush's carrier speech as criticism has mounted over the failed search for weapons of mass destruction and the continuing violence in Iraq.
King Con
Monday evening, September 8, 2003, President Bush addressed the nation. The content, the week of the second anniversary of September 11, the tragic event that set in motion one of the most dangerous eras in modern history, was predictable. While admitting to an unplanned $87 billion per annum commitment, none of his speech addressed the core issues concerning most Americans, or allayed any allies.
Let's Roll
The U.S. combat death toll in Iraq hit a disheartening milestone, July 17, 2003, as the Pentagon acknowledged its casualties from hostile fire reached 147, the same number of troops who died at enemy hands in the first Gulf War. Still, you ought to be grateful its only peace-keeping at this point, since President Bush declared "major combat operations" over on May 1, 2003. Let's roll? Yeah let's....flags over coffins! -- July 22, 2003
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