"This symbolic gesture will tell Iraqis, and the world, that we believe in their cause and will stand beside them and all peoples who embrace freedom," said Rep. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana." It's been said that partisanship stops at the water's edge. Let us again show that to be true by joining together in this symbolic gesture." What's $200 billion, a few thousand lives and martial law among sovereigns? -- January 30, 2005
While the man-made, Neocon tsunami that killed perhaps as many in Iraq has been relegated from the headlines, the violence and mayhem continues unabated. After George W. Bush finally bothered to disrupt his Crawford vacation to respond to the tsunami -- only following global criticism for his stunning silence and the paltry sum initially offered as aid -- he sent his brother Jeb Bush and Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to the region to witness the devastation first hand. Stingy? Not America. Look how much she's spending on "liberation". -- Janauary 4, 2005
Mandated Morality
In the short amount of time that President Bush has claimed a "mandate" to impose his will on Americans and the rest of the world, the Administration and Republican leadership have purged "wayward" agents at the CIA, snuck anti-abortion legislation into a spending bill and lowered the ethical bar on House leader Tom DeLay so that he can lead even if indicted. Expect Scott Petersen to be appointed head of Child Services once he is sentenced to death in California. -- November 2004
Ban Incest!
As Iraq explodes into martial law sovereignty and Tom Ridge and company warn of terrorist danger, the same Republicans who spent 70 million dollars investigating a blowjob while Al Quada plotted, are now trying to amend the constitution to prevent gays from marrying. Whoopie says Bush is a dick who needs a pussy wax, Dick says "Go Fuck Yourself" and the FCC may soon have to fine C-Span for indecency!!! With Barbara and Jenna Bush now on the campaign trail and glamming it up on the pages of Vogue, all is fair in love and war. Ask Uncle Jeb. -- July 16, 2004
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