Occupational Sovereignty
There was no "Mission Accomplished" banner nor President flying in Air Force drag this time. When the United States, represented by the Bush Administration handed Iraq back to a hand-picked interim government they decided better suited its current agenda, along with a set of rules and restrictions that appear to confuse sovereignty with servitude, the true colors of the doctrine of preemptive force were revealed. -- July 2, 2004.
Better Be The Last
Time to leave the House behind, to offer sad goodbyes, Time to drown in wine you swine, to pretzel choke on lies. Who betrayed the betrayer, you ask, who lied to the liar? Judas is the one to whom theses thieving whores aspire. The treachery that knows no bounds, the sycophantic glut, The pigs that gorge on trampled trust, the arrogance they strut. -- June 24, 2004
Tell Us When, Tell Us How
"But they don't tell us when; they don't tell us where; they don't tell us who; and they don't tell us how,” Dr. Rice earnestly told the commission. While the terrorists should be appropriately chided for failing to provide such exquisite detail of their attacks, such an expectation from your National Security Advisor suggests we disband the CIA, FBI, and Department of the Homeland altogether, and simply adopt a “Hope for the Best” motto as an equally effective and far less expensive counter-terrorism strategy.
Unborn Again
Buddy you're a sold out soldier; Dying in the street gonna take on the world some day. No control of your fate, tough to relate; Serving your soul to the people you hate. We will we will mock you, We will we will mock you -- April 8, 2004
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