Who Knew?
"Bush Knew" shrieked the New York Post, hopping on the bandwagon with sensationalist flair. In one foul swoop, the latest of Presidents from the House of Teflon, saw his popularity threatened as the White House went in to defensive mode. Big time. Of course the cheap hawking of a fundraising photo reminding all of the President's September 11 MIA panic did little to help.
The Scream
For a "gift" of $150.00 or more to the 2002 President's Dinner, the Republican Party is hawking a photo under the tag "See W. aboard Air Force One in the hours after the terrorist attack, talking to the vice president!" Last we recall, President Panic lied about an "attack on Air Force One" to justify his globally observed absence. We did hear the scream, though.
Full of Shit
Hard as it is to believe, it was only 10 days ago that Ari Fleischer declared, "I'm not aware of anybody in the White House who discussed Enron's financial situation." Now we're painfully aware that the only White House inhabitants who may not have discussed it are the president, Barney and Spot or so we must believe until future investigators turn up a smoking pretzel. -- New York Times columnsit, Frank Rich
Like Herpes
The President believes, and the report does have some indication on this, that the best way to prevent pregnancy, the only sure-fire way is through abstinence. And that's the best way to avert disease, as well. -- Ari Fleischer, June 29, 2001
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