Already the miscalculations are coming home to roost. Using dramatic images of September 11 in a dramatic ad campaign, the Bushies horrified and offended the families of victims and survivors of the terrorist attacks, who were sickened by the politicization of an event that was supposed to have represented -- if anything -- a non-partisan unity of American resolve. -- March 29, 2004
Mission Accomplished II
The looming scandal over Bush's National Guard service during what he has referred to as his "nomadic years" -- a search for a career and purpose as he drifted from opportunity to opportunity, job to job, eight ball to eightball, gram to gram, snort to snort -- resulted in the release of documents that do nothing to explain the gaps in his service...not so much as an hour per American servicemember killed in his "liberation" of Iraq. -- Janauary 15, 2004
Happy Fucking Holidays
When delusions of grandeur and martyrdom of a somewhat limited IQ are reinforced, particularly if said IQ is a Bible-thumping President, we experience what is known as a "Military Industrial God Complex". Its confused manifestation outlaws procedures like abortion regardless of the health of the mother, or bans life-saving stem cell research, while plugging severely deformed persons into life-support apparatus against their express wishes, or carpet bombing women and children. It's not very pretty. -- December 2003
Said the Shepherd Boys
Trying Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity should prove entertaining reality television. So fear not! This holiday season will have more than enough jam-packed entertainment to keep you going if you get bored trying to count dead soldiers in spite of the ban on images of their return home in coffins. -- December 19, 2003
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