Closet Encounters
From disgraced congressman, Mark Foley, to National Association of Evangelicals president, Ted Haggard, the biggest problem facing religious zealots and homophobes is that they are their own worst enemy. The closets they want gays to stay trapped in, are the cause of their undoing. Healthy, self-expressed gays and lesbians won’t be brought down by revelations as to who they are. -- November 4, 2006
Who's Your Shepherd?
Calling for the beheading of an artist for creating a caricature depicting a religion as violent is about as hypocritical as assaulting or killing a woman for appearing in a degrading beauty contest. Or like amputating Ann Coulter’s legs for her immodest vagina flashing on Fox News. Or castrating and sodomizing men who rape. -- February 4, 2006
Killing in the Name of God
Although we’ve come to expect nothing less from the filthy pig named Pat Robertson, we still were astounded that this man who claims to have a relationship with Jesus would call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. -- August 23, 2005
Neo Constitution
Iraqi women are in a near panic as the threat of a Sharia law based legal system hovers ominously over the constitutional protection once promised along with the pelting of U.S servicemembers with flowers upon the liberation of Baghdad.
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