Absolut Sellout
Proud that the gay community will take every penny they can from whoever’s offering. Proud to celebrate this alcoholic community’s diversity. Proud to celebrate this diverse community’s alcoholism. “We’re here we’re queer; we’ve got cirrhosis,” makes killer copy.
Child Pawn
Fundamentally flawed blocking technology, intended to keep smut from children, does not violate the First Amendment even though it shuts off some legitimate, if not critically and life-saving importantly informational Web sites, such as how to practice safe sex, a divided Supreme Court held, ruling that Congress can force the nation's public libraries to equip computers with anti-pornography filters. Once again, the High Court has failed.
Diamante and Perle
On March 27, 2003, Richard N. Perle resigned as chairman of an influential Pentagon advisory board following disclosures of business dealings that included his meeting with a Saudi arms dealer and a contract with a bankrupt telecommunications company seeking Defense Department permission to be sold to Chinese investors. He does, however, remain on the board. He also advised that "taking out" Iraq would be a breeze. Would you hire him?
Things Go Better
This may, in pop psychology, give “closure”. But, in a truer sense, we aggrandize -- we embellish-- we cheapen, this ground -- The ordinary people, living and dead, who struggled here, are trivialized, lost beneath our superior power to dehumanize and brand. The world will forever syndicate, and incessantly license and rerun what we say here; while it will never know, or understand why they died here. September 11, 2002
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