Press Releases Defends Publishing Cartoons
February 8, 2006

Printing Company Refuses to Release Abu Ghraib Image for Exhibition
October 5, 2004

Annoy.Com September 11 Image Draws Criticism/Threats
September 6, 2003 is Five and Fabulous
November 12, 2001

Gag Order Lifted for Publisher
September 7, 2000

House Manager Henry Hyde Endorses the Principle of Constitutional Annoyance on Senate Floor
February 1, 1999

CDA back in Supreme Court - Appeals Federal Court Ruling
December 7, 1998

Annoy, annoy, annoy!!!
Panel of Federal Judges Divided on CDA Challenge. Celebrates Victory

September 24, 1998 Publisher Urges Federal Court to Render Decision
August 5, 1998 Publisher Enters New First Amendment Fray Parent Blasts Justice Department Memo in Ongoing Communications Decency Act Battle
March 10, 1998

Attorney General Faces Tough Legal Battle and Sophisticated Technology as Federal Court Prepares for Internet First Amendment Challenge
October 16, 1997 Parent Accuses Government of Violating First Amendment - Blasts Investigation
July 23, 1997 View of First Amendment and Internet Vindicated by Supreme Court
June 26, 1997

Reno Recoils. Wins First Round in Communications Decency Act Challenge
April 8, 1997 Publisher files Amicus Brief in ACLU v. Reno Against the Communications Decency Act
February 18, 1997 Annoyed by the Communications Decency Act, Sues Attorney General
January 30, 1997


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