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SAN FRANCISCO – November 12, 2001—, the irreverent unapologetic and in-your-face webzine has just launched a sophisticated and stylish new design, giving a facelift to the 5 year old dot com. In light of’s stunning victories regarding First Amendment and Privacy issues, it has established the constitutional right to be as indecent and annoying as it likes. Both the interface and new design identity issue a modish look less reliant on the aggressive shock value tactics of the old and more reliant on a clean, navigable mag-style metaphor with a wealth of powerful content and communication tools to present its unpredictable brand of politics. is five years old today, surviving a beastly market and the seemingly totalitarian dictates of the new Bush regime. While many dot coms were caught with their pants down bearing witness to their dwindling demise, survived that market unscathed while battling the onslaughts of a slightly tougher market, namely the US Supreme Court (ApolloMedia v. Reno) and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (United States v. ApolloMedia). Fighting for First Amendment rights and balancing privacy with freedom of the press are battles has chosen to fight and to win, yielding strong journalistic victories. is fashionably relevant, with up to the minute focus on media, politics and current affairs. With the absence of media properties such as Brill’s content, and, has emerged as the only alternative voice in an uncomfortably acquiescent and increasingly propagandized publication environment. Says Publisher and Editor, Clinton Fein “In light of the curtailment of civil liberties that are being trashed on a daily basis in the U.S. today, the need for a site like untrapped by the strictures of political correctness could not be more important.”

A visit to gibe,’s online community, is testament to the fact that is alive and well and living in a utopian universe free from the wiretappings and similar trappings of the “New Normalcy”. This global audience of gibers (referential name given to active participants) are engaged in a passionate dialogue that offers invaluable insights into how people view what is going on in the world, both before and after September 11, providing a rich archive of incredible insights. The technology reveals the power of unmediated online communications and has been pointed to by academics as a remarkable tool for conflict resolution. Visits to the site, often lured as a result of its trademark taunts, would reveal a blackbook list of names that would make Heidi Fleiss green with envy.

Publicly launched in 1997, is devoted to free speech and the free exchange of ideas. allows visitors to participate in online discussions on topics of social and political interest such as gun control, abortion, health care, the military, the environment, censorship and privacy. Generally, ApolloMedia does not mediate, censor or filter these discussions in any way. The Web site also allows visitors to send anonymous or pseudonymous email postcards, related to the discussion topics, to public figures or to persons of the sender's choice.

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