There's Something About Sarah
Say it ainít so, Sarah! There you go spewing talking points again like a senile Arizonian senator... Now, doggone it, letís answer just one fucking question and tell Americans who and what the hell you are. You mention this imaginary media filter, and Iím glad you did. They are a pathetic bunch. But with your genuine belief in evil witches and the Flintstones, a little clarity from you is not asking too much now, is it? God help us. Our reward for your ascendancy is in hell, right?Ē
If We Had Ethics
The low-sinking, bottom feeder, Judith Reagan, on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is digging up Nicole Brown Simpson's memory in a stunning, tell-all cross-promotional Fox News media blitz to sell O.J. Simpson's "hypothetical" confession. But it's not for money. Like Linda Tripp, she is us. --- November 19, 2006
Let's Bankroll
It didn't take long for the media to begin pimping September 11th, and we predicted as much on the first anniversary. But ABC's docu-drama (ala James Frey) sleazes up the anniversary with politics and fabrications enough to give Mickey the clap and Minnie a yeast infection. Whore the tragedy now, whore it! -- September 11, 2006
Ratings Whore
John Ramsey is unlikely to forget who his friends are, and hopefully will keep the media at bay, as they prepare to dig up, piss on and shred JonBenetís memory once again. And hopefully he wonít succumb to the too-little-too-late, inevitable, post-mortem re-varnishing of Patsy Ramseyís memory either. Alas, for the Ramsey family, resting in peace does not seem like an option. -- August 25, 2006
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