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Annoy.com Exhibition: Dick Cheney


Out of the fumes that choke us,
Black as the Soot from oil to drill,
We curse whatever gods may be
For environmentalists shrill.

Amidst the stench of weeping bark
With brazen chop and pious pave.
Under the ozoneless of skies
We damn the soil, dehydrate your grave.

Beyond this place of sweat and Khaki
Looms naught but Nature's sickly grudge,
And yet the warming of the globe
Finds, and shall find, us unwilling to budge.

It matters not how green the gas,
How dry the sand; how diluted the brand,
We are the masters of our dearth:
We are the destroyers of our earth.

Dick Cheney. 2001 Type C Print. 36" x 48"


September 2001
The Second Coming
The Age of Bin Laden

By Clinton Fein

November 30, 2000
Fuzzy Aftermath
Welcome to the Machine

By Clinton Fein


Dick Cheney
Everybody on Concrete
Look Daddy!
Pave the Rainforests
Smoke the Ozone

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But I'm a uniter, not a divider!
VP Cheney Back In The Hospital


If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants. They donít emit any carbon dioxide. They donít emit greenhouse gases.
Vice President Dick Cheney to Chris Matthews on General Electric owned MSNBC property, Hardball, August 2, 2001

There is an allegation making the rounds that Jack Welch actually intervened in NBC's decision to call the election for George Bush....I would hope the allegation is untrue. If it were, it would be absolutely inappropriate. But I've been told that Mr. Welch's actions were observed by others and in fact were even captured on tape, filmed by NBC's advertising and promotions department. It is difficult for me to believe it is true, but it seems there is a simple way to either confirm or debunk this allegation. I would like to have you... assure us that we would get that tape."
United States Representative Henry A. Waxman (D - CA) in a letter to NBC President and Chief Operating Officer, Andy Lack, August 2, 2001

Almost all of our shared values are inspiring, uplifting, positive. But one is not - our visceral hatred of bureaucracy stems from the evil and harm it wreaks on the spirit of a company, any institution, and its people, and its dilutive effect on every other value which we believe. Bureaucracy hates change, could care less about the customer, loves complexity, is afraid of speed and incapable of it, and inspires no one.
Jack Welch, Chairman of the Board of General Electric, Annual Shareowners Meeting, Atlanta, GA April 25, 2001

Contrary to the Vice Presidentís statements, we are not interested in obtaining his daily schedule or reviewing communications involving the President, the Vice President, the Presidentís senior advisors and others...We are simply asking for facts that the Vice President, as Chair of the National Energy Policy Development Group, or others representing the group, would be in a position to provide to GAO.
The United States General Accounting Office, following a refusal by Vice President Cheney to reveal names, costs, procedures or activities relating to the National Energy Policy Development Group.


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