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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Connecting Lines

If you want to get down
Down on the ground

If your records are lost
And itís starting to cost

Itís a fight, itís a fight, itís not right

If the recordís unclear
Then thereís plenty to fear

If the stab in the back
Comes from those in Iraq

Itís a fight, itís a fight, itís not right

When the troops start to fall
Your time you canít recall

When thereís no end in sight
And you ran away from the fight

Itís a fight, itís a fight, itís not right

Mission Accomplished
November 3, 2003

Happy Fucking Holidays
December 10, 2003

Let's Roll
July 22, 2004

Dot Gov
May 31, 2002


Marks Curtis's recollection of her long-ago friendship with the young Bush is once again relevant, as the president's military record has come under renewed scrutiny because of unexplained gaps in the documents. But even the woman Bush solicited to defend his record has no firsthand knowledge of his service in the Alabama National Guard, and relies, she said, on what she heard from the 26-year-old Bush.

Trying to quell a growing political storm, President Bush on Friday evening released all his military records to counter Democrats' suggestions that he shirked his duty in the Air National Guard at the height of the Vietnam War.

But the hundreds of pages of documents did little to answer questions about Bush's military history. Why, for example, is there no definitive documentation -- except a single dental exam -- that places Bush at Dannelly Air National Guard Base in 1972-73 and shows how he performed his temporary duty in the Alabama Guard?

Manuel Roig-Franzia and Lois Romano, Some in Ala. Recall Bush Mentioning Guard Duties, Washinton Post, February 15, 2004

The White House also released Friday, additional files from Mr. Bush's service in the National Guard, including records of dental examinations from the Vietnam War-era.

A spokesman said the release was intended to refute critics trying to create what he called the "wrong impression" about Mr. Bush's National Guard service.

Some Democrats have questioned whether then-Lieutenant Bush showed up for duty during much of a 12-month period starting in 1972. The White House says he met his military obligations.

Bush Defends Military, Intelligence Records VOA News, February 14, 2004

Bush's medical records, dozens of pages in all, were opened for examination by reporters in the Roosevelt Room yesterday, but they were not for public consumption. The records showed that Bush, a pilot, was suspended from flying status beginning August 1, 1972, because of his failure to have an annual medical examination. His last flight exam was on May 15, 1971.

Democrats have also questioned whether Bush showed up for temporary duty in Alabama while working on a political campaign during a one-year period from May 1972 to May 1973.

Bush releases Vietnam-era military records, The Hindu, February 14, 2004


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