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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Osama bin Hussein

Enemy of the State of the Union of the Enemy
By George W. Bush

The more I see Saddam Hussein,
The more we need this drama
The war will help us all forget
We cannot find Osama

The weapons mass he surely stashes
The ones we sent, as if that matters
A war for oil’s fine you see,
If you want to drive your SUV

He’s hiding soldiers among his own
Human shields, the evil drone
As if we’d spare them anyway
We’ve bombs to drop and bills to pay

Exploit the war, Karl Rove declared
Saddam’s our ticket, we can be spared
The Enron stuff will seem so dull
If we crush the motherfucker’s skull

Osama and Saddam must meld as one
Fuck France and Germany, Europe is won
Tony Blair’s staunch...just as solid as rock,
As he kisses my ass and sucks on my cock

Australia’s unhappy, (can you say disempowered?),
As their will is ignored by the coward John Howard
Who thinks I will owe him for him sharing my goal
To the rest of the world, he’s a puny asshole

Are the outback Australians really that stupid
To not see the loser is whoring for Rupert
The war will bring ratings, the violence will sell
With broadcasting triumphs for New Corp’s Foxtel

Rumsfeld...decrepit fart...older than God
Is blaming “Old Europe” coz he can’t get hard
And Joyce now won't fuck him, (his despicable wife)
So he blames Gerhard Schroeder for his miserable life

War…yes…and tougher I seem to be getting
I hope Daddy’s proud, I’ve progressed from bedwetting
My daughters will once again start giving me hugs
And stop aiding terrorists by gorging on drugs

Colin, the moderate, yes Powell the dove
“He’s a general,” says Condi, and generals we love
Attorney General Ashcroft, gaining power by the hour
Blacks, faggots and Jews...stay away from the shower

But back to the basics, yes it might seem insane
Osama is Saddam, Osama Hussein
Saddam bin Laden, I’m more sure than before
And so should you too, it’s why you’re going to war.


Uncle Saddam
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

New World Attention Deficit Disorder
Monday, September 30, 2002

Ariel Bin Sharon
Monday, March 25, 2002


Osama bin Hussein
Blame Iraq
Schroeder Stooge
By George!
Church of the Absurdity


This change of heart over their Rumsfeld cousin reflects the mood in Germany. More than 60 per cent of Germans oppose a war and the US defence secretary has become a hate figure for the country’s peace movement. His desire to topple Saddam by force is at odds with the Social Democrat-led government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, which is directly opposed to war in Iraq. Even before his arrival in Germany yesterday, Mr Rumsfeld had faced fierce criticism from senior German government officials for describing France and Germany as “old Europe”.
Tony Paterson, Family disowns hawkish Donald Rumsfeld, Daily Times, February 10, 2003

Today, with the United States again poised on the brink of war, Rumsfeld's leadership style and core beliefs are shaping the use of American force at a pivotal point in modern history. In coming weeks, he will counsel President Bush on the use of pre-emptive military action to overthrow the Iraqi regime - with repercussions that could either transform or destabilize the Middle East...Rumsfeld was 9-years-old when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
Ann Scott Tyson, Donald Rumsfeld, the public face of the war on terror , Daily Times, Christian Science Monitor, January 2, 2003

U.S. officials yesterday seized on bin Laden's message, broadcast on the Qatar-based al-Jazeera satellite network, as evidence of what they describe as ties between the terrorist network and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein...Secretary of State Colin L. Powell told U.S. lawmakers in Washington the audiotape shows bin Laden "is in partnership with Iraq." In the past, administration officials urged the media to be cautious about publicizing bin Laden's messages. Yesterday, however, Powell drew attention to the taped message before it was aired on al-Jazeera.
Dan Eggen and Susan Schmidt, Bin Laden Calls Iraqis to Arms, Washington Post, February 12, 2003
Nato governments were understood to be working hard to persuade Jacques Chirac, the French president, to change his position. Furious US and British officials say Paris is the main culprit behind the current 16-3 split, which is threatening to render Nato irrelevant at precisely the moment it has been "re-invented" to meet post cold war challenges. The Atlantic alliance was thrown into one of its worst ever crises on Monday when France, Germany and Belgium vetoed a US request for Nato to make plans to protect Turkey if Saddam Hussein attacks. Russia then joined France and Germany in demanding strengthened weapons inspections in Iraq, which the Bush administration considers virtually useless.
Ian Black, Nato deadlocked as France and Germany refuse to back down, The Guardian, February 12, 2003

MPs are to investigate Tony Blair's power to declare war and peace and deploy British troops, it will be announced today. The move is a response to the prime minister's refusal to guarantee a debate and vote before committing Britain to war with Iraq. When Mr Blair appeared before MPs on the joint liaison committee last month, Tony Wright - the chairman of the public administration committee, which is to carry out the inquiry - pointed out that George Bush had to get the permission of congress before going to war. "Why do we have endless debates about whether to kill foxes, but no debate on whether to kill people?" he asked. Mr Blair told him he saw "no reason" to change.
Anne Perkins, Inquiry into Blair war powers, The Guardian, February 12, 2003

US President George W. Bush has grouped Australia into his so-called "coalition of the willing", exposing John Howard to political attack at home and complicating his world "peace mission". Although Mr Bush immediately qualified his description of Australia, and said "whatever that meant" was up to the Australian Prime Minister to decide, he has plunged Mr Howard further into the camp of nations seen as already unconditionally committed to war against Iraq.
Dennis Shanahan, Roy Eccleston and Steve Lewis, Howard’s in US war coalition, The Australian, February 12, 2003

I just think the arguments that Bush is putting forward could be applied to him...I'm outraged that he is talking about Iraq arming, when America is equally if not more armed and [Bush] is as nutty as Saddam Hussein
Alison Woodman, Voters' voice: Leaning towards peace, by Stuart Rintoul, The Australian, February 5, 2003


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