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Monday, March 25, 2002

Ariel Bin Sharon

Violent Insights, Pious Nights
Angry Pointing, Holy Fights

Blood stained Fingers, Hate filled Mind
Malice Monster, Justice Blind

Killing Babies, Killing Moms
Dangling Carrots, Dropping Bombs

Teaching Terror, Waging War
Sowing Mistrust, Breaking Law

Spilling Blood, Destroying Life
Fueling Fury, Fomenting Strife

Osama bin Sharon, Hopeless Bind
Ariel bin Laden, One of a Kind

Union of the State
The Terror of Freedom

By Clinton Fein
February 04, 2002

Keep the Change
The New America

By Clinton Fein
January 14, 2002

Burn Your Burkas!
Words of Wisdom from a Burning Bush

By Clinton Fein
December 14, 2001

The Second Coming
The Age of bin Laden

By Clinton Fein
September 15, 2001


Ariel Bin Sharon
Missile Smile
Bombs Away
Ms. Liberty


In 1985, a U.S. Military Law Review analysis documented that Sharon had "command responsibility" for the Sept. 16-18, 1982 massacres at Sabra and Shatila, which resulted in the deaths of at least 700 Palestinians. A BBC documentary broadcast a similar finding this month (June, 2001). Both the "Holocaust" industry and the U.S. government have embraced Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and applauded his ongoing shootings of Palestinian children, his rule by assassination ("eliminations") and his use of F-16 jet fighters against Palestinian neighborhoods; calling these crimes a "policy of restraint."
Michael A. Hoffman II, The Campaign for Radical Truth in History

On 28 September 2000, extremist Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, accompanied by thousands of fully armed Israeli soldiers provided by the government of "moderate" Prime Minister Ehud Barak, invaded Al-Aqsa mosque. The Muslim house of worship --- the third holiest site in Islam --- was off limits to the worshippers while the Jewish terrorist and his army roamed there and trampled it under their boots. As the calculated provocation generated expected protests, Israeli shock troops and snipers trained their weapons on the unarmed protesters, killing, blinding, maiming and torturing --- the same way they have been doing ever since they set foot in Palestine.
Khalid Baig, Al-Aqsa, The Propaganda Machine, and "The International Community", Albalagh, an Islamic E-Journal, October 15, 2000

The attacks of Sept. 11 embroiled Sharon in a new problem -- conflict with the U.S. administration. Sharon made a mistake in his reading of the new situation. He had hoped that the U.S., struck by terror and desiring revenge, would back Israel's aggressive moves in the territories. But the Americans have a different order of priorities: They need the support of the Arab and Muslim world in their attack on Afghanistan. Instead of giving Sharon a free hand against Arafat, they are pressuring him to calm the conflict.
Aluf Benn, Sharon's Fatal Trap, The Guardian, October 25, 2001

Only Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad have greater global renown than Osama bin Laden. His face beams out of every television bulletin. He is the poster boy and chanted hero of Islamic extremists across Asia. Disturbingly, he threatens to become a legend among many Muslims who would regard themselves as moderate. So fearful is the Saudi regime of being seen to take the side of the democracies against the sentiments of its own people that it has spurned American requests for military facilities and refused a red carpet for Tony Blair.
Andrew Rawnsley, The poisonous triumph of Osama bin Laden, The Observer, October 14, 2001

There is no difference between terror and terror, murder is murder. There are no good terrorists and every act of terror is horrendous.
Ariel Sharon in telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, September, 2001

Another suicide bombing the fourth in four days, but one that this time failed allowed Israel's tireless publicists to complete their transformation of Yasser Arafat into Osama bin Laden Mark Two. As they paraded in front of the cameras to protest against what could easily have been another atrocity against civilians in Jerusalem, there was a shift in the story-line devised by Ariel Sharon's spokesmen. Mr Arafat, bottled up in his West Bank headquarters in Ramallah, was not only responsible for failing to stop suicide bombers infiltrating Israel. He was sending them. This claim, made on the BBC by a leading official spinmeister, Arie Mekel, is the culmination of the Sharon government's campaign to portray the Israel-Palestinian conflict as a "war on terror", part of the new global battle between good and evil no different from the one to which President George Bush repeatedly refers. In it, Mr Arafat and his Palestinian Authority are terrorist enemies.
Phil Reeves, Palestinian leader is portrayed by Israel as 'Bin Laden Mark Two', December 6, 2001

At issue are three incidents in Sharon's past. The first took place in 1953, when a force under his command raided Qibya, a West Bank village, killing more than 60 inhabitants. Israeli historian Benny Morris writes that Sharon's unit received instructions to carry out "destruction and maximum killing" to retaliate for a Palestinian terrorist attack originating elsewhere. A contemporaneous Time magazine report said Sharon's soldiers shot "every man, woman and child they could find" and then dynamited 42 houses, a school and a mosque. "The cries of the dying," the magazine reported, "could be heard amidst the explosions." Sharon's autobiography acknowledges civilians were killed at Qibya, but he calls the deaths a mistake. Given the historical record, however, his explanation seems unpersuasive. Under international law, Sharon could be indicted for crimes against humanity, which include the systematic and willful killing of civilians during war.
James Ron, Is Ariel Sharon Israel's Milosevic?, Los Angeles Times, February 5, 2001


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