There's Something About Sarah
Say it ain’t so, Sarah! There you go spewing talking points again like a senile Arizonian senator... Now, doggone it, let’s answer just one fucking question and tell Americans who and what the hell you are. You mention this imaginary media filter, and I’m glad you did. They are a pathetic bunch. But with your genuine belief in evil witches and the Flintstones, a little clarity from you is not asking too much now, is it? God help us. Our reward for your ascendancy is in hell, right?”
Best in Show
Michael Dickinson teaches English in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also a fantastic collage artist -- one who uses the tried and true method of paper, glue and scissors – and also happens to be a contributor to Mr. Dickinson is facing a 1 to 3 year prison sentence for daring to depict Prime Minister Erdogan as a dog in his collage titled, “Best of Show”.
Annoy Alert
Authored by Senator Arlen Spector, congress passed a new law, insidiously buried in the Violence Against Woman and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act, Sec. 113, that makes one guilty of a crime if one were simply to "utilize" a telecommunications device "with intent to annoy" a person. Regardless of the content, or even in its absence. A conduct rather than a content crime. Perhaps waving a Blackberry in someone's face. Or annoying someone by using their cell phone as a vibrator. -- Janaury 9, 2006
Phoenix Rising
From the flames...Then the oil men sobbing and frantic...And flying away, and wanting their fixes and crucifixes, And the hell’s-fire blazing, and the lack of reason, And the city inquisitional and the skies unfriendly...And the coffee franchises filthy and charging high prices: A crude time we had of it. -- September 11, 2003
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