Uncle Sam
Mike for Mayor
Strike a Pose...Judy Nathan, Gracie too; Diallo, that is Amadou. Andres Serrano.. Damien Hirst, Decency above all first. Abner Louima, Holy See; Howard Safir, Hillary. Chris Ofili.. Pataki too; Sensation, NYPD Blue...
By empowering women with the freedom to choose their own future, we can help Afghanistan become a symbol for people elsewhere who have yet to share in the opportunities provided when human rights include women's rights. -- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nov. 24, 2001
Dick Cheney
Let them Eat Nuclear Power..."If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants. They donít emit any carbon dioxide. They donít emit greenhouse gases." -- Vice President, Dick Cheney
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