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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Of God and Men and Disease and Sex and Drugs

When there are problems in the family you don't walk away. You work them out together with God's help

Cardinal Bernard Law, February 10, 2002, following the scandal from the January 18 conviction of defrocked priest John J. Geoghan, convicted of indecent assault and battery on a 10 year old boy. Documents show that Law knew of the allegations, yet allowed Geoghan to remain active as a priest. Perhaps the satin-frocked freak at the Vatican should focus on the hard ons under the frocks of his priests rather than allowing psychologically healthy teens to die by refusing to support the use of condoms.

A Missile Defense System will change that. But change must go deeper still...The good news is that America has a president who can offer the leadership necessary to do so.

Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in a New York Times editorial, reminding the world of the imperialist inclinations of the grocer's daughter who grew up to become a global butcher. Thatcher's long standing love affair with Ronald Reagan was sickening enough, but this overture to the Old Guard of the Bush administration, whose dicks she was sucking while W was still a hard partying cokehead as astute at foreign policy as he was at running a businesses, is nothing more than a shallow and predictable unwillingness to advance a dialogue that might seek to redress the causes of war rather than justify the build up of deadly weapons to provoke and perpetuate it. Let’s bomb an island to feel good about ourselves and validate our relevance.

With God's help, we'll get through this

Kenneth L. Lay, the embattled former CEO of Enron, prior to his announcement he would seek Fifth Amendment protection against self incrimination. If you listen carefully enough you might just hear God actually saying Fuck You Kenny Boy! In the form of a Burning Bush.

Presidential niece Lauren Bush has formed an unholy alliance with hell-raising hotel heiress Paris Hilton

America 's loudest war cheerleading tabloid, the New York Post's prissy little gossip whore, Richard Johnson, demonstrating that America is back to normal and that frivolous girly gossip is more important than the ongoing war. With items like Lizzy Grubman's tanned arms and the salary disputes between NBC and the cast of Friends on page three, and Johnson's celebrity fawn focus, brave and heroic tales of rescue workers, fire fighters, and servicemembers don't quite cut it with the Post these days. Nor do updates on captured journalists, buried on page 12. That yellow stuff on the debris at Ground Zero? The New York Post pissing on it.

Powers, a strong gold-medal contender in today's men's halfpipe, has established a foundation bearing his name to benefit underprivileged snowboarders. Honest. If there's one thing this nation needs, it's more help for the underprivileged snowboarder. Hungry children, battered women and those suffering from AIDS would agree.

New York Post's, Lenn Robbins, sarcastically mocking an admittedly mock-worthy announcement by snowboarder Russ Powers. We would have let it lie, were it not for a page 2 item in the same paper, touting the $250,000 commitment by New York Post's parent, News Corp, toward the Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Journalism. Given the unadulterated garbage this excuse for a publication calls journalism (think Andrea Peyser), we're sure underprivileged, gossip-mongering, semi-literate cocksuckers posing as pious, politically correct journalists are what this nation needs more of instead. Victims of gay-bashing, breast cancer, cluster bombing and media misinformation would agree.

But no one has pointed a more damning finger at the feckless ex-president than his closest political advisor and strategist, Dick Morris. In a Wall Street Journal column saliently titled "While Clinton Fiddled," Morris observed that al-Qaeda’s war on America began in the first year of the Clinton Administration, while the man whose primary responsibility was the safety of American citizens had his mind fixed on other things.

David Horowitz, the darling of the Anne Coulter Matt Drudge set, who thinks he deserves an achievement award for revealing stoned college kids to be hypocritical on free speech issues. Gee! Now that’s nearly as tough as reading through one of his Presidential ass-licking columns. His gushing over some twat that employed a metaphor fantasy about being fucked by Bill Clinton and then treated like a lady by George Bush was about as palatable as the Todd Beamer foundation’s attempt to reserve the corny “Let’s Roll” drivel we’ll never hear the end of. Dick Morris, for Christ’s sake! The only reason that Strom Thurmond look-alike (with the same strange orange dye thing going on in the hair) pointed a disloyal finger was because his toes were probably being sucked by another of his prostitutes. What’s next for you, David? Getting kids on ecstasy to feel euphoric?

Helen, if you're suggesting that there's a moral equivalence between the United States' success in keeping the peace for 60 years with our weapons and the actions of terrorists, I would urge you to reexamine that premise. I see no moral equivalence.

Whitehouse Press Secretary Ari Fleischer to Whitehouse correspondent, Helen Thomas, February 12, 2002 in response to her statement “Well, we have weapons of mass destruction and we don't permit any inspection,” following Fleischer’s condemnation of the activities of Bush’s Axis of Evil that sounded more like an outline of current American policy. Maybe instead of watching Politically Incorrect, this asshole needs to brush up on what differentiates terror from policy and at least articulate it differently. When your boss sends you out like an ill-informed piss boy to try and explain how breathing in his farts supports the war effort, you can expect highfalutin comments on moral equivalence. Morality according to Ken Lay perhaps.

Drugs undermine the health of our citizens; they destroy the souls of our children. And the drug trade supports terrorist networks. When people purchase drugs, they put money in the hands of those who want to hurt America, hurt our allies. Drugs attack everything that is the best about this country, and I intend to do something about them.

Like what? Sniff more of them? Coke snorting, alcoholic…er…pretzelholic President George W. Bush, announcing his 2002 National Drug Control Strategy, Tuesday February 12, 2002. This suggests that the C student, semi-literate fuckwad in the Oval Office who is trading in our freedom for his War on Children…er…Terrorism is an unhealthy enemy of the state with a damaged soul and whose own drug habits paid for the attack on the World Trade Centers along with Daddy’s involvement in the Carlyle Group. Next you’ll be telling the boys that are fucking your renegade, drug riddled daughters and nieces that every penetration is supporting terrorism also. Time to stop using the blood of the September 11 victims to grease the cocks of John Ashchroft, Tommy Thompson, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and all your other henchmen in your child-hating domestic policy wank. The last thing America needs is a drug addicted simpleton and his pharmaceutically challenged wife raising a new generation of Bush drug addicts, setting a national drug strategy. The Christian missionaries (and their children) you idiots shoot down in this war will be happy, no doubt.


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