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Friday, November 9, 2001

Post Mortem - The Death of Intelligent Media

This is still no time to go wobbly. Also, it is no time for the U.S. media to revert to the hysterical, silly, fear-mongering, self-centered, juvenile and ninnyish form that has made it so widely mistrusted and so cordially detested.

Michael Kelly in an October 20, 2001 New York Post Editorial with this image on the front page. This Lachlan Murdoch chaired piece of shit -- uncannily even considered journalism by a few good idiots -- is hardly renowned for the quality of its news coverage but such blatant hypocrisy simply escapes reason. Ronald Reagan would have spotted this one and either pulled the image or the editorial. As expected, the New York Postís faux patriotism is to genuine patriotism as what military music is to music. Advice: Use the fucking mirror.

In an unparalleled display of public-private partnership, the three most trafficked Internet destinations AOL, MSN and Yahoo! have adopted the Internet Content Rating Association [ICRA] content labeling system with broad support from children's advocates and the First Amendment community

Art or images containing nudity Michelangelo's David) or Presidential history about Oval office blowjobs or the Library of Congress containing salacious reports by Independent Prosecutors would make it quite an impossible exercise. All our poor kids will be able to do is visit annoying personal homepages or sites that contain material on cruelty and death and blood and gore relating to animals since only human beings appear to be a species worthy of protection through the deprivation of information such anti-intelligent systems offer. Who, after all, would want to expose their children to something as damaging as nude wrestling when they could watch a real cockfight instead?

If I failed to share that information and, God forbid, something went wrong, I'd be kicking myself.

California Governor Gray Davis giving word of a high security alert, although many later disputed it was really an alert or if it was it wasn't high security. In the waters off San Francisco, the Coast Guard has deployed more than 20 armed and specially trained teams to protect the city's bridges, including the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. Only thing is that any idiot with a bomb in a truck could have caused major damage, since there were no car or truck searches during the high alert. All it means is there would be fewer National Guard and Coast Guard people to help save the ones in the water in the event of an attack. Who did they consult for security? United Airlines?

There are mentally unstable and ill people who wish to stick out at such occasions in all countries

President Vaira Vike-Freiberga of Latvia following an incident where a 16-year-old girl slapped Prince Charles' face with a red carnation Thursday November 8, 2001 as he stopped during a tour of downtown Riga to talk with a group of children. "I'm against the Afghan war," the teen-ager said in Russian to reporters as police took her away. The girl, who gave only her first name, Alina, was still in police custody late Thursday afternoon. Police spokeswoman Krists Leiskalns would not say whether she would be charged. Dumb bitch! Why slap in the face with carnations when the appropriate English response is to bomb instead.

The immediate implementation of this interim rule without public comment is necessary to ensure" that the Justice Department "is able to respond to current intelligence and law enforcement concerns relating to threats to the national security or risks of terrorism or violent crimes

The government says it can get around attorney-client confidentiality as it investigates the terrorist attacks by allowing prisons to monitor phone calls and mail of some of those jailed after Sept. 11. A rule published Oct. 31 in the Federal Register says the monitoring can take place when Attorney General John Ashcroft concludes there is "reasonable suspicion" that the communications are designed to further terrorist acts. The rule went into effect the day before it became public. Good thing this asshole Ashcroft, who remember, lost an election to a corpse, can now eavesdrop to see whether terminally ill patients are being given too many pain relievers by their physicians. Yep, he recently issued a directive, which had said Oregon doctors who use the assisted-suicide law would lose their licenses to prescribe federally controlled drugs. With this fucking idiot in charge of national security, we may as well just send bin Laden chemical weapons ourselves.

We can't give out our propaganda to our own people

Price Floyd, deputy director of media outreach at the State Department, following the release of a "catalog of lies" through the State Department to Pakistani newspapers to dispute Taliban allegations, including the claim that the United States was purposefully targeting civilians. In a major propaganda onslaught, America has begun addressing groups of foreign journalists in Washington, many from Muslim nations. Those sessions are closed to American journalists. Like it makes a fucking difference. MSNBC, Fox, CNN and the rest of dumbed-down media outlets in their 'look who's anchors are younger' battle for the hearts and minds of twenty and thirty somethings are simply feeding out whatever the hell's given to them anyway.

While I would not like to reveal details of my correspondence with Mr. Murdoch, I will say I was entirely satisfied with his reaction to the highly inappropriate, vulgar language ... used to describe me

CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour in response to media magnate Rupert Murdoch's personal apology to her for a New York Post column that called her a "CNN war slut." This coming from a man who married a Hong Kong-based Star TV slut Wendi Deng -- who was sucking the old man's flacid cock while he was still married to former wife Anna Murdoch Mann. Now that Deng is pregnant, any bets on whether Lachlan's actually the father?

There you can see the President exchanging pleasantries with the flight crew...oops no, that's not the President, it's probably one of his security detail.

MSNBC's Lester Holt demonstrating how ridiculously extreme and pathetically unprofessional the media has become in its efforts to capture the buddy-buddy manner George W often uses -- possibly to compensate for his lack of eloquence. Even if it had have been the President, how on earth did Holt know the tenor of the exchange? This in the guise of headline news. MSNBC bringing you the whole picture.

Antrax Inclosed

Wording on a package sent to a local resident by a 52-year-old postal worker Clarence Lindsey in Cicero, Illinois accused of an anthrax hoax. Perhaps Reverend Falwell's educational institutions need to rethink their spelling curricula. The FBI claims as many as 200 clinics that provide abortion services -- including Planned Parenthood affiliates -- have received mail in which the sender has warned of anthrax contamination, but have proved to be false alarms. The National Abortion Federation said the packages were signed from "The Army of God," which it called a domestic terrorist group.


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