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Tuesday, April 8, 1997

The Preamble

We won round one. Janet needed more time to get her shit together, and we gave it to her. With one little condition. Leave us the fuck alone!

And so it is. Until the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the current Communications Decency Act provision before them, Ms. Reno has been instructed by the Court to refrain from investigating or prosecuting us.

An occasional journalistic wannabe has suggested that the CDA is being fought anyway, and Annoy.com is just a publicity stunt. An occasional attorney wannabe has suggested the same thing. That is why, however, they are not, and probably never will be, involved in a case as significant as this one, or have the courage to stand up to the government when the media should have and didn't. Yes, we blow our own horns and we don't apologize for it either.

Annoy.com appreciates the cultural diversity and subtleties that unify people in deference to religion, nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation, or anything else that makes humans distinct. We refuse to buy into the hype that pretends to protect children, while harming them, or be dictated to by policies that result from journalistic laziness, irresponsibility and fear. We stand up to politicians that seek to cause hatred of, and fear for, a medium that defies them and renders them impotent.

Whatever Bill Clinton and Ted Turner do in the privacy of the Lincoln bedroom is of little concern to us until irresponsible coverage and irresponsible legislation impact our freedom. We don't care how often Rupert Murdoch jacks off over Melrose Place, or whether Bill Gates buys America. Until it impacts our freedom.

Yes, we have won the first round of an important battle. And we have given the government extra time for a good reason. We are not going away. And we will do whatever the fuck we have to and fight as hard as we fucking have to, before we give in to this kind of self-serving, dangerous violation. We will continue to expose the hypocrisy that surrounds us in whatever fucking manner or style we want. We don't care whether reputable journals cover us, (while we do appreciate some of the intelligent coverage we have received), or whether we are ignored entirely, because we operate by our own rules, and express ourselves as we see fit. We don't pretend to be anything that we're not, and people who know what we're about, and appreciate what we are doing, will find us. But don't even try to shut us up.

So let this serve as a friendly warning to government, media and any other public figure that says or does anything that impacts the life and well-being of others. Get ready to be annoyed. Very fucking annoyed.


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