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How Big is Big: Ziff Davis Response

The annoy.com response to this letter.

April 21, 1998

Clinton Fein, President
4053 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Re: Dan Rosensweig Postcard

Dear Mr. Fein:

I am General Counsel of Ziff-Davis Inc. and am writing on behalf of Dan Rosensweig who is the President of Ziff-Davis/ ZDNet division.

This letter is to confirm telephone conversations that I had earlier today with an employee of your company and with your lawyer, William Bennett Turner, regarding an pornographic ApolloMedia postcard which was sent out by your company under Mr. Rosensweig's name. Mr. Rosensweig never ordered this mailing and it was created and ordered by a third party without his knowledge or consent.

We understand from Mr. Turner that you have shut off any access on your website to any postcards "from" Mr. Rosensweig. We appreciate your prompt action. At the same time we must demand that you remove the postcard from the Internet to ensure that it can no longer be accessed by anyone. In addition, you are now on notice that no future orders for postcards using the name Dan Rosensweig (or any variation of that name) should be accepted by your company.

Sincerely yours,


J. Malcolm Morris


Cc: Dan Rosensweig
William Bennett Turner, Esq.


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