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How Big is Big?

Editor's note: Most of these links are no longer relvant. Since this event, CNET purchased Ziff Davis. Mr. Rosensweig is no longer at Ziff Davis per se, but is the Pesident of CNET. We apologize for the inconvenience!.

Just last week, we kicked some ass,
A view we took, that some deem crass.
A stupid ad we parodied,
A comment on the media feed.
A smallish group - they claim they're news
Took silly pains to air some views.

A summer day, compare to thee...
No, penis size, they thought, you see,
would whet your newsish appetite
For click through rates, these idiots fight
And that's because, and you'll agree,
That's all they think you want to see.

It wouldn't really be so sad,
If their coverage weren't so bad.
And then of course, this silly man
Whose lawyer, porno, wants to ban
To hide it from your weary eyes
Control your content, feed you lies,

Threatened us with legalese
As if we weren't annoy, but please.
And so while size thoughts fill their heads,
These sure aint Ruperts, Bills or Teds.
And thus it is, with no remorse
The path we choose, the charted course.

And play, we will, a little bit
'Cos no-one really gives a shit
And how on earth can we be wrong?
We're, after all, annoy.com


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