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ApolloMedia v. Reno: Media Coverage, Criticism and Analysis


If ‘flaming’ is the favorite sport of the online world, annoy.com is a high-octane flame-thrower on a mission.…offering an online service that delivers scathing, anonymous postcards to public figures, and dishes up corrosive commentary and graphics hammering every hot-button issue from abortion to Zionism.
Steve Silberman, Wired News

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Two of the three district court judges in the ApolloMedia case bought the government's statutory construction reading "indecent" out of the law. Judge Susan Illston dissented. She reasoned that "This is a criminal statute which applies to speech on the Internet, an international communication medium expected to have over 200 million users next year. Such a statute should mean exactly what it says, so that users will know what the rules are." Judge Illston would have held the law unconstitutional on its face.
A Supreme Indecency, by William Bennett Turner, Law News Network

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