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Sunday, November 11, 2001

Value Traditional

Toward a close-minded diatribe on homosexuality and theocracy.

In defense of free
speech, our fucking ass.

Recent comments by Reggie White, Trent Lott, and recording "artists" Angie and Debbie Winans describing homosexual behavior as a "sin" have brought a tidal wave of harsh language from homosexual activists, media pundits, and even a White House spokesman...They have branded Christian minister and pro-football player Reggie White as "ignorant," "stupid," and "backward". They forgot to add "motherfucking", "cocksucking", "hypocritical", "shit eating", "breath stinking", "fart-smelling", "cuntfaced, fuckwad with the integrity, compassion and understanding of a freshly fucked pig".


If tolerance is a virtue today, it's because of free speech.

Our Founding Fathers knew free speech was essential to the American experiment in ordered liberty. They knew it allowed every person or group, no matter how small or disaffected, a role in the marketplace of ideas that is Democracy. We, Religious Extremists, are using free speech privilege to promote our ideas. The Founding Fathers did't realize that faggots would take advantage and try use free speech to promote their twisted ideas. That right should be reserved for us! We've captured the ear of politicians and media whores, we have become a gonorrhea infected manifestation of putrid hypocrisy, vomiting our distorted view of religion and hijacking the most precious of our freedoms, the First Amendment.

Just because we promote hate doesn't make us Anti-Love.

Tyranny flourishes where free speech is forbidden. Dissent in countries with dictatorial governments, from Communist China to the Vatican, is punished by imprisonment, even death. Our fighting words, protected, mind you, may well cause faggots to be gay bashed, and yes, die every so often, but God wills it. Love the sinner, hate the sin is our cute, constitutionally protected goddamn way of saying "kill the fucking sinners, pretend to love them". We value families. Ask Newt Gingrich how much he loves his sister, Candace.

Free Speech is the best way to push for a theocracy.

Without a free and open debate on theocracy, our ability to stand up and proclaim ourselves guardians of the First Amendment is in peril. We would never be able to get away with the following sort of blatant hypocrisy:

The truth about filtering content...and how we fervently pushed for legislation to weed out and filter anything that violated our Judeo Christian values, yet spew First Amendment rhetoric.

The truth about religion...how we plan to make ours the official State Religion of America, and hide our passionate hatred of Niggers, Kikes, and Faggots.(Don't worry about Reg - niggers can't read, and he forgot our Baptist position on slavery which we only recently recanted).

The truth about recruitment in public schools, courthouses, and government property...and how we even have managed to elect governors that will violate the Supreme Court and ignore the machinery set in place by our Founding Fathers, despite the bullshit facade of Free Speech we're selling and you're buying.

The truth about raw political power...and how we have even managed to push questionably heterosexual leaders like Gary Bauer, Pat Robertson and Lou Sheldon, who all come across like shrieking, hysterical closet-fags anyway, as Presidential candidates, and passing laws like those in Cobb County, Georgia, that discriminate against people stupid enough to think free Speech includes anti-Christian speech

The truth about sexual sin...and how even rumored homosexuals like Senator Orin Hatch and Ralph Reed will push our agenda in order to hide the truth as well as we do.

Sin and Salvation are the Economy of Religion.

That's not changed in 2000 years. Even so, history is littered with opportunists like us, who use God as a tool to make lots of money by scapegoating people unwilling to yield to our theocratic master plan. The Bible told Jim Baker to force Tammy Faye to cake her eyes with make-up so that her running mascara would blur the blowjobs he was giving while raking in the dollars of the unsuspecting. Jesus died on the cross so that we could desecrate his name, and use his ass to judge others in the name of God, and decide who should be treated with dignity, or which children should be Electro-shocked into submission, all because God made a few too many fucking mistakes. We call it conversion therapy. God make electricty, may lightening strike us. And have you ever seen how quickly a gas oven can turn a Jew into a Christian? Now that's the speech of real freedom.

Free speech is worth nothing if we're not ready to pay the price.

In a "whatever" culture whose greatest value is its hypocrisy, our sins are Biblically sanctioned somehow. We are a broad coalition who have duped millions of Americans into thinking its okay to disown, ridicule, and directly or indirectly murder their own children.

We preach against killing the unborn, but we promote speech and values that results in the deaths of our living children. We have appropriated the First Amendment and made a mockery of it. We are the epitome of sin, and we're doing it for you. We don't want healing. We want to kill faggots dead. And the biggest joke of all, you stupid motherfuckers, is we're using niggers to do it for us. And Jews, you're next in line just behind the women.

If you really love someone, you'll cloak the truth in a convenient farce of First Amendment rhetoric.

In the public interest, this parody is a scathing indictment and ungracious "fuck you" to all the organizations below who would dare to make a mockery of the First Amendment this site is working so hard to defend, by paying to disseminate this indecent filth to our children. We don't hate you though... it's just the sin.

Alliance for Traditional Marriage - Hawaii

American Family Association

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

Center for Reclaiming America

Christian Family Network

Christian Coalition

Citizens for Community Values

Colorado for Family Values

Concerned Women for America

Coral Ridge Ministeries

Family First

Family Research Council


Liberty Counsel

National Legal Foundation

Kerusso Ministeries


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