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Annoy.com Exhibition: Adolf Hitler

We don't believe in mass branding of people.
There are saints, martyrs and devils of every stripe, color, and ethnicity.
For every martyr-like American prisoner of war,
there is an American that will happily kill and rape a fleeing Albanian refugee.
For every slaughterer in Serbia there is a gentle kind protector that will shield and hide victims
(only to be turned into a Steven Spielberg movie one day).
And for every well meaning political leader,
there is an opportunistic pig
who will stop at nothing
to assert supremacy
in an uncertain world.

Adolf Hitler. 2001 Type C Print. 36" x 48"


April, 1999
As Yugoslavian as Apple Pie!
B92, Censorship and Independent Media in Yugoslavia

By Clinton Fein

Everybody's Un-American
America America, what hypocrites do frown?
And honor art, not politics 'til Leni comes to town!


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Although it may be unintentional, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines as they exist are really a fundamental form of institutionalized racism in a rather destructive and insidious format
Dr. Milton Mills, co-author of a two-part article in the March/April 1999 editions of the Journal of the National Medical Association

We are also using genetic mapping techniques to increase knowledge of the structure of dairy cows' genome and to develop technology to select animals based on true genetic merit.
The Future Builds on the Past - Getting More Milk From Fewer Cows, published by The Agricultural Research Service (ARS), 1999

Farmers also don't want cows getting more nutrients than they need for optimum milk production. It inflates the feed bill.
Better Diets for Dairy Cows," published in the July 1998 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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