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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Get Lost President Reject

by Clinton Fein

We didn't fight Section 230 all the way to the United States Supreme Court for nothing, fuckface.

Get Lost President Reject

What the fuck you waiting for
You motherfucker, piece of shit?
You pussy grabbing, daughter raping, 
anal leakage, thieving twit.

You orange ugly, stupid pig, 
You feckless cunt, you small cocked tick
You fucking stupid, low life idiot,
You bat shit crook, you little prick.

President Cheat, you Russian Bot,
Piss Poor, Pee Whore, cheapskate, twat
Go away, not wanted here
You asshole, asswipe, full of fear.

Pathetic loser, dignity lacking
Election loser, get cracking packing
Worn out wasted whining pig
With fuck all game in your pig shit wig.

Angry, friendless, petless and pouting
A pugnacious pig, screaming and shouting
You winging, whining, witless waste
With fuck all class and fuck all taste.

Go and rot and rage and cry
No one cares, fuck off and die
Makeup caked and shit out of luck
Just disappear you racist fuck.

Take your non existent wall
Your ugly kids, who've done fuck all
Your Slovenian trash, and Pence your poodle
You Kentucky Fried Chicken Yankee Doodle.

You rapist, abusive, sickening shitstain
Imbecilic punk bitch, shit for brains
Aderall speedy, you lazy fucktard
You resting bitch face lump of lard.

Fuck your moronic attempted coup
Your shit leaking lawyer, his useless crew
Your tantrums and pardons keeping score
You fucking bitch, you two bit whore.

Go away forever more
Fuck your race in '24
You anti American low life traitor
You White Supremacist, baiter, hater.

Your lame ass, last grasp, sad attack
Piss off, fuck off, don't come back.


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