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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Demented Demon

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Demented baby, demons haunting
Homos, lesbos, flagrant flaunting
Artless world with artless art
Heartless life with heartless heart

Once at the helm of government
Now incoherent incontinent
Jesse how the tides have turned
Your Mapplethorpe has just returned

Bone disorder, cancerous prostate
Niggers, AIDS, the fruits of your hate
Vascular dementia, awfully sad
Anal probing, terribly bad

Artificial art official, Robbie Conan scream
Superficial, prejudicial, Bono, boners, cream
Anti-homo, funding no-no, lying in your bed
Condition dire, brimstone fire, every black is Fred

NEA, well thatís okay, we find the money anyway
You clutched the purse, and now its worse,
The Marlboro Man is dead and gay

Gay rights, grey nights, black days, blue
Penis, penis, pussy, pussy, what are you to do?
Good night sleep tight, take good care
Convalesce, that's where you stand,
You made it all come true


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