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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mission Accomplished II

Three years later, to the day
The shock and awe long gone away
A quagmire yes, that will not rest
That put preemption to the test

A failure from the very start
No exit strategy, aint that smart?
A terror haven on the rise
Upon a promise based on lies

Flimsy Hummers, tinny tombs
Not South Dakota mothersí wombs
Military might stretched mighty thin
A lose-lose battle none can win

A new air strike to kill and maim
A civil war, insurgents blame
Sectarian violence, big surprise
Democracy in deep disguise

Neocon negligence run amok
Iranís the menace now, fuck Iraq
Impossible hand-over, sub-standard training
The Coalition of the Waning

Three years later, what has changed?
Iraqi policy still deranged
Mosques in ruin, the Abu Ghraib scandal
A mad mistake too hot to handle


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