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Monday, December 20, 2004

Sacrofficial Lamb

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Your son is dead you piece of dirt
Or could it be your daughter?
Doesnít matter anyway when
Bloodís as thick as water.

Weep in haste you stupid bat
Just hurry up and pray
So you lost your only child
I havenít got all day.

I sign along the dotted line
With signature machines
The sacrifice you gave todayís
Exactly what it means.

Oh Gentle me, Official Lamb
So spare me all the drama
A Shinning Knight, oh Goodness, yes
The only one with armor!

So brave am I (and rushed and late),
Iím Iraqís silver lining
I did Kuwait, though, trip was great
Besides the Guardsman whining.

Iím warm as blood and thatís the truth
My heart, oh see it bleed
Gotta run, boy itís been fun
Hurry Joyce, we're off to Walter Reed.


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