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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Fuck Iraq

Sung to the tune of Laura Brannigan's Gloria

Click to Send PostcardGloria, you're still preying on the helpless
Riding on their misery, while acting like youíre selfless
I think they should disbar you, before you grab at Kobeís wife
Abuse a child for more attention, to fill the empty void that is your life

You simply cannot fathom, since OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown
Youíre the biggest scourge in town, whoring Gloria
Gloria, Michael Jacksonís kids will cry
Child Services will nab them, while youíre ignoring Amber Frey
The more you seek the media
The more it makes you needier, oh-oh-oh
whoring Gloria

Gloria (Gloria) What about the ghost of Di
(Gloria) Charles is bonking footmen now
(Gloria) Enough to make Camilla cry
(Gloria) Why should tiresome borders thwart you?
In all your altruistic virtue
Itís time to let the British court you, whoring Gloria

A-ha-ha, a-ha-ha,
Gloria, thereís another one you missed you know
The feminist inside you, a Paris Hilton video
She says he took advantage, her parents looked the other way
Why donít you call the police now, why donít you stick your nose in?
Feel your credibility start to fray, go up against a Hilton

You donít really have the courage, ah we start to see the fear
Because its all just your career, whoring Gloria
Gloria, Amber Frey is on line one
Child Services on two and three,
Yet are you helping anyone?
A pig, you feed on peopleís loss, A lower grade Mark Geragos? Whoring Gloria

Gloria (Gloria) Laciís parents looked to you
(Gloria) Michael Jacksonís children too
(Gloria) And then of course the TV crew
(Gloria) The consummate conniver, a new reality show survivor
The whoring Gloria

(Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria)
(Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria)


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