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Monday, October 6, 2003

Siegfried and Rush

Codeine Consciousness

A philandering politician
A badly mauled magician
A governor on a mission
A quarterback’s derision

An Oxycontin oxymoron
Lots of Oxy, lots of moron
How the hell do you judge another’s sin
If comfortably numb on Vicodin?

What the hell did the genius suppose
When tapping a tiger on the nose
With a microphone on a cheesy stage?
A dolphin would fly into a fit of rage.
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Such fun distractions to come our way
As Karl Rove cronies out the CIA
And Haifa bleeds from a suicide bomb
And a murderer targets Syria,
‘cos Israel’s never wrong.
Lots of pain and little gain
Lots of thrillers, lots of killers
Lots of spills and lots of pills
Lots of bills and lots of chills
A groping actor, still a lush
A once deaf talk host, what a rush

Once the agent is outed, there is never more a cover
Once the illusionist falls, can he ever recover?


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