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Monday, April 1, 2002

Miss Pedophilia

Alone in the Confessional a child on its knees
Is asking dear God what to do just to please.
Lasciviously listening, the Priest canít stop grinning.
Stick your face in my lap and refrain from your sinning.

Not a single time, never, you must promise me so
This is just between us, your parents canít know.

Suck the hardness youíre feeling, even though it seems crass
Feel the fingers of the saints plow your prepubescent ass
Godís son said that the children must suffer, itís true
And so that's why I fuck you, itís what Jesus would do.

The Pope will do nothing; heíll turn a blind eye
John Ashcroft will save you from statues, not I
Denial and secrecy are a powerful mix
That the Church will exploit to cover up our tricks.

Itís a crime from which Priests are exempt, you see
Faith-based compassion is a marvelous decree.

So hop under my habit and say your Hail Maryís
The Satan in Satin will blame it on fairies
And faggots and homos and the evil of queers,
Not the Priests heís ordaining and been hiding for years.

Now dry up your eyes and come sit on my lap
You cannot escape when the Church is your trap
Your secret will be safe, and your sacrifice holy
So come over here child, and begin sucking slowly.


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