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Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Not in My Miltary

I pledge allegiance
to the Flag
of the United States
of America,
and to the Republic
for which it stands:
one Nation
under God,
With Liberty
and Justice
for almost every one.
Not in My Military


It is now believed that the terrorists on Flight 93 intended to crash the airplane into the United States Capitol where I work, the great house of democracy where I was that day. It is very possible that I would have been in the building, with a great many other people, when that fateful, terrible moment occurred, and a beautiful symbol of our freedom was destroyed along with hundreds if not thousands of lives. I may very well owe my life to Mark and the others who summoned the enormous courage and love necessary to deny those depraved, hateful men their terrible triumph. Such a debt you incur for life.
Eulogy in Honor of Mark Bingham, Delivered by Senator John McCain. San Francisco, CA September 22, 2001

Mark epitomized what it means to be a Fog rugger, and we all learned a great deal from him. Aside from being a superb player, "Bear Trap" was a true gentleman and a generous friend. He will be sorely missed.
A Tribute to Mark Bingham, The San Francisco Fog Rugby Football Club

Firefighters found Father Judge's lifeless body beneath a smashed fire engine at "ground zero" and took him to St. Peter's Church on nearby Barclay Street. They laid the friar in front of the altar, covered him with a white cloth and his priest's stole before placing his helmet and chaplain's badge on his chest. He was then taken to Engine 1 and Ladder 24 on West 31st Street here, the location where he kept his chaplain's car.
Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM, 1933 - 2001, A beacon of light during America's Darkest Hour, by: John Zawadzinski

They are heroes. They are like the heroes we had at Pearl Harbor. Each one of them were trying to save lives.
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York remembers firefighters in first funerals, September 16, 2001

The forced intimacy required in military life demands higher standards of conduct than those for civilians. Those higher standards are vital to preserving the military’s separate culture, morale and unit cohesion, and especially the family relationships strained by military life.
retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, now Vice President of Public Policy for the Family Research Council

Compromising relationships between hostile intelligence agents and soldiers begin with identification of individuals who are perceived as vulnerable...These individuals are targeted with money and sexual favors by foreign agents. The former KGB had long been interested in targeting homosexuals for blackmail and exploitation. Even “open” homosexuals in the military can be subjected to coercion if their sex partners do not want their own homosexuality to be exposed. Homosexuals frequently feel hostility toward their nation because their behavior is still looked upon as abnormal. They are prime targets for exploitation by foreign nations.
Bush Administration: Enforce Gay Ban In Military, Traditional Values Coalition Special Report

The Pentagon's failure to move aggressively to implement the Anti-Harassment Action Plan is inexcusable. The Pentagon itself has said anti-gay harassment undermines good order, discipline and morale. By tolerating continued harassment, ridicule and assault of men and women in uniform, the Pentagon is working against what it knows to be in the best interest of our armed forces.
SLDN Executive Director C. Dixon Osburn, Et Tu, Rumsfeld? by Nicholas Jones, Frontiers Newsmagazine


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