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Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Goddamned Wind

Taunting speech is now Enemy One
Not defecting senators, or the Taliban.
Instead the words that make us fight
And see just red; are black and white.

And so the wind does gone, says one,
While lawsuits pile up one by one
But parody is not such fun
When campus papers cease to run.

And censored racists stir the hype
Reparations, accusations, stereotype.
Editors, Anchors, black and white,
No direction, introspection, left, right.
Killing the tools that shape the debate,
Fanning the anger, fueling the hate.

So free the slaves but not the speech,
And proselytize and overreach
And Jew the Blacks and Black the Jews
And toe the line and buy the ruse.

Goddamned Wind


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