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Friday, September 21, 2001

I Want You

Hey America, my old friend
I give my life to you again
Because a terror leaves us bleeding
Unbridled violence leaves us needing
And the hatred that once ripped me to my core
Now wants more
The sound of lies and violence

In foreign lands I hide alone
The anguish chills me to the bone
In the danger of the foxhole
I close my eyes, deny my screaming soul
While my nightmares keep me fighting through the night
No end in sight
The bitter lies and violence

And as the bastards went to war
No one cared, 'cos no one saw
With no thought, no rhyme, no reason
The empty threats of troop cohesion
Were left lying like a corpse in an early grave
And still they gave
The deathly lies and violence

"Fag," said I, "It's time to go
The war is over end the show.
Your life is only worthwhile when you die
Although we asked, we cannot take the lie"
And the bombs and bullets
echoed through the desolate night
With deafening lies and violence

The blind and wounded could not find
There was nothing left behind
And the victory scream of naked hate
Could do nothing to redeem the State
And the Law said "These people cannot any longer help us win the war"
Forever more
And then killed them with lies and violence.
Don't Tell


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